Harmonic Analysis and PDEs Workshop
16th and 17th September, 2010

Local Organisers: Keith Rogers and Ana Vargas


The workshop photo

This workshop is a two day meeting of the LMS Harmonic Analysis and PDE Network, and is open to all who are interested. The talks will take place in the Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas (ICMAT), which is located in the campus de Cantoblanco of the UAM+CSIC . The network is coordinated by Jon Bennett, and the British participating universities are Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Warwick. The meeting will be funded by the London Mathematical Society and the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación.

A map of the UAM-CSIC campus can be found here in which the ICMAT (also known as the Instituto mixto de Matemáticas y Física Teórica as it is labelled on the map) is the furthest building from the train station (Estación Cercanias). It is a 1km walk, but essentially you just go staight from the train station. In the CBM building (microbiology) nearby, there is a nice cafeteria (with red seats outside). We will have lunch there on the Thursday at around 1:30pm, please join us.

There will be an informal dinner in the city on the Friday evening at which all participants will be welcome. If you wish to attend, please contact Keith by email or tell one of us in person at the meeting before the end of the session on Thursday. The dinner will be held at 9pm at the Galician restaurant Barquiño. The nearest metro station is Antón Martín, but it is in walking distance of the suggested hotels below.


Neal Bez (Birmingham, UK)

Anthony Carbery (Edinburgh, UK)

Piero D'Ancona (Rome, Italy)

Thomas Duyckaerts (Paris, France)

Malabika Pramanik (Vancouver, Canada)

Xavier Tolsa (Barcelona, Spain)



Thursday the 16th:

15:00 Piero D'Ancona : Dispersive estimate for 1D Schrödinger equations with step-like potentials

16:00 Tea and Coffee

16:30 Thomas Duyckaerts : Maximizers for the Strichartz norm for small solutions of mass-critical nonlinear Schrödinger equation

17:30 Malabika Pramanik : A multidimensional resolution of singularities

Friday the 17th:

10:00 Xavier Tolsa : Variation and oscillation of the Cauchy and Riesz transforms on Lipschitz graphs

11:00 Tea and Coffee

11:30 Neal Bez : Some remarks on sharp constants and maximisers for Strichartz estimates

12:30 Anthony Carbery : Some discrete problems in harmonic analysis

Accommodation and arriving to the UAM:

Participants are invited to make their own accommodation arrangements.

Hostal Mexico (2 stars) is a hotel which is conveniently located near to Atocha near the centre of Madrid. From there one can catch the "Cercanias"; the local trains that take you to the UAM. Trains to Alcobendas (Alcob-SSReye) or Colmenar pass through Cantoblanco where "the Autonoma" is located.

Four hotels which are also conveniently located near to Atocha train station, are listed below. From Atocha one can also catch the Cercanias, and a train leaves from platform 5 or 6 every five minutes approximately. Here is a map of the Cercanias.

NH Sur (3 stars)

NH Nacional (4 stars)

Hotel Agumar (4 stars)

Hotel Mediodía (2 stars)

In the NH hotels, you can get 30 mins wi-fi free in the lobby (which can be repeated if you ask nicely), but it costs extra in your rooms. In the Mediodía there is free wi-fi access in the rooms.

Further Information:

Further information is available from:

Keith Rogers, Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas CSIC-UAM-UC3M-UCM, 28049 Madrid, Spain.