Harmonic Analysis
1st-5th July, 2014

Organisers: Stefan Buschenhenke, Renato Lucà, Fabricio Macià, Giuseppe Negro, Javier Ramos, Keith Rogers and Jorge Tejero

Here and here are the conference photos. And other photos 1 2 3.

This is a five day workshop in Harmonic Analysis funded principally by the European Research Council.

Please hang the poster in a prominent place.

The talks will take place in the Hotel San Antonio El Real, a refurbished 15th century monastery located 10 mins walk from the Roman aqueduct in Segovia.

Participants may also be interested in attending the 10th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications in Madrid the week after.

Confirmed Speakers:

Jonathan Bennett (University of Birmingham, England)

Emmanuel Breuillard (Université de Paris XI, France)

Anthony Carbery (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)

Michael Christ (University of California, Berkeley, USA)

Charles Fefferman (Princeton University, USA)

Allan Greenleaf (University of Rochester, USA)

Uffe Haagerup (Københavns Universitet, Denmark)

Alexandru Ionescu (Princeton University, USA)

Izabella Łaba (University of British Columbia, Canada)

Michael Lacey (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

Sanghyuk Lee (Seoul National University, Korea)

Victor Lie (Purdue University, USA)

Giancarlo Mauceri (Università di Genova, Italy)

Stefano Meda (Università di Milano-Bicocca, Italy)

Detlef Müller (Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany)

Camil Muscalu (Cornell University, USA)

Stefanie Petermichl (Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France)

Gilles Pisier (Université de Paris VI, France and Texas A&M University, USA)

Fulvio Ricci (Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy)

Christopher Sogge (Johns Hopkins University, USA)

Terence Tao (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)

Alain Valette (Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland)

Ana Vargas (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain)

James Wright (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)



Monday the 30th

Main talk abstracts

17:00 : Registration

19:00 : Welcome (meet in the claustro of the hotel from where we will walk up to the plaza mayor)

Tuesday the 1st

08:30 : Registration

09:00 : Bennett

10:00 : Muscalu

10:50 : Lee

11:35 : Coffee break

12:00 : Ionescu

12:50 : Müller

Wednesday the 2nd

09:00 : Pisier

10:00 : Breuillard

10:50 : Valette

11:35 : Coffee break

12:00 : Lacey

12:50 : Carbery


17:00 : Short Talks

Sala Vicaría Sala Enrique IV Salón Brocal
17:00 Aldaz Palsson Fendler
17:30 Strömberg Stinga Knudby
18:00 Oliveira e Silva Roncal Conde
18:30 Mirek Sjögren Naymie
19:00 Trojan Wróbel Ciatti

Short talk abstracts

Thursday the 3rd

09:00 : Tao

10:00 : Petermichl

10:50 : Meda

11:35 : Coffee break

12:00 : Sogge

12:50 : Ricci

Friday the 4th

09:00 : Christ

10:00 : Lie

10:50 : Greenleaf

11:35 : Coffee break

12:00 : Łaba

12:50 : Mauceri

Saturday the 5th

09:00 : Fefferman

10:00 : Vargas

10:45 : Coffee break

11:10 : Wright

12:15 : Bus to Madrid from the monastery (only for those staying in the monastery)

13:15 : Bus to Madrid leaving from the aqueduct

These buses will stop in Nuevos Ministerios and then at the Tryp Atocha hotel


Conference Outing:

Participants are encouraged to visit the Alcázar in their own time. It is easy to find after a pleasant walk through the town.
It will be closed on Friday the 4th.



We are at full capacity - registration is now closed. Click here to view the list registered participants.

Arriving to Segovia:

Participants should fly to Madrid, Barajas airport.

If you arrive to terminal 4, then take the Cercanias train to Chamartín, and then change to the fast AVE train to Segovia. There is no need to book either train in advance. Alternatively stay on the cercanias train to Príncipe Pío (changing in Atocha) and then take the bus. The cercanias train and bus leave every half hour. The fast AVE train also leaves every half hour with occasional gaps of two hours.

If you arrive at terminal 1, 2 or 3, then you can take the Metro to Chamartín (changing in Nuevos Ministerios) and then take the AVE to Segovia. Alternatively take the metro to Príncipe Pío (again changing in Nuevos Ministerios) and take the bus.

All or any of the above steps can be replaced by a taxi. From the airport to Chamartín or Príncipe Pío the cost is exactly 30 euros. A taxi straight to Segovia would take around 1 hour 15 mins and might cost in the region of 120 euros using the meter.


Participants are invited to make their own accommodation arrangements using tripadvisor. Here are links to four hotels which all lie roughly between the monastery and the aqueduct. They are loosely ordered in terms of fanciness.

Hospedaje San Francisco (4 stars - 13 mins walk from lectures)

Hospedaje Bar El Gato (3 stars - 6 mins walk from lectures)

Hotel Acueducto (2 stars - 11 mins walk from lectures)

Hostal Don Jaime II (2 star - 9 mins walk from lectures)