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Statistics, Probability and Operations Research (SPOR)

SPOR covers a broad range of topics including data science and engineering, machine learning, optimal control, small area estimation, stochastic process inference, mathematical biology models, risk analysis, game theory, decision analysis and Bayesian methods, being one of the most productive groups in Europe in its area of specialty.

SPOR supports the whole spectrum of evidence based decision making, from mathematical foundations, to data analysis, to inference, to analysis, to decision support, with applications in fraud detection, security, cybersecurity, epidemiology, insurance, poverty estimation and social robotics, to name but a few.

Our DataLab provides statistical support to other CSIC institutes and non-academic partners, with emphasis on big data and large scale analytics in grand challenge scientific and business applications.

For details on our research and researchers, click here.

For details on our DataLab, click here.