The .pdf files are preprints, so the final version can be different.
  1. Mathematics & Mathematical Physics

    1. The confined Muskat problem: differences with the deep water regime.To appear in Communications in Mathematical Sciences (jointly with Diego Córdoba & Rafael Orive)

      1. A poster with some of the results. This poster was presented at EMS-RSME joint mathematical weekend 2011.

      2. Another poster with some of the results. This poster was presented at Internation winter school in fluid dynamics 2012.

    2. An approximative treatment of gravitational collapse. Submitted (jointly with Yago Ascasíbar & José Manuel Moreno)

    3. Local solvability and singularities for the inhomogeneus Muskat problem. Submitted (jointly with Luigi C. Berselli & Diego Córdoba)

    4. Global existence for the confined Muskat problem. Submitted

  2. Mathematical Biology

    1. Impact of the climatic change on animal diseases spread: the example of bluetongue in Spain. Revista Complutense de Ciencias Veterinarias, vol 5, num 1, pag 120-131, 2011. (jointly with Claudia Cianci et. al.)

    2. Wolbachia infection in Chorthippus parallelus: Intra-generational frequency variation. Submitted (jointly with Paloma Martínez et. al.)

      1. A poster summarizing the paper. This poster was presented on the Third SESBE Congress.

  3. Some slides

    1. Slides of the talk 'Problemas de frontera no-tan-libre' (in spanish)

    2. Slides of the talk 'On the evolution of a confined interface', Department of Applied Mathematics 'Ulisse Dini' at pisa University, Pisa, June 2012

    3. Slides of my talk entitled 'On the Muskat Problem on a strip', Paseky Summer School, Praga, May-June 2011

  4. Books

    1. Jointly with J.J.Lucena and L. Gil, I translate the book of C.Aitken and F.Taroni: "Statistics and the Evaluation of Evidence for Forensic Scientists". The web of the spanish edition
    2. and an article appeared in "La revista de la Guardia Civil" (in spanish)
  5. Master Thesis (Advisor: Jesús García Azorero)

  6. In this work we study the 'random characteristics' method and the differential games applied to some Partial Differential Equations (linear parabolic or elliptic equations with variable coefficients, fluid dynamical equations and nonlinear diffusions). The theory for the (ordinary) Stochastic Differential Equations and other probabilistic topics (as the Ito integral or the Feller's semigroups) is reviewed briefly.

    1. Spanish version and the slides (in spanish)

    2. English version

  7. Popular Science and other stuff (in spanish)

    1. El Problema de Basilea: Historia y algunas demostraciones. La Gaceta de la RSME, vol 12, num 4, pag 721-737, 2009.

    2. Nicolás de Oresme y la serie armónica Boletín de la Titulación de Matemáticas de la UAL

    3. I Semana Multidisciplinar en la UAM Encuentros Multidisciplinares, vol 12, num 35, pag 78-80, 2010. (jointly with Rafael Orive)

    4. La ecuación de Burgers como un paso previo al estudio de los fluidos incompresibles La Gaceta de la RSME, vol 15, num 3, pag, 489-512, 2012. (jointly with José Manuel Moreno)

  8. Lecture Notes (in spanish)

    1. Estudio de dos ecuaciones parabólicas con métodos de energía (jointly with Javier Gómez)

    2. Representación y clasificación de formas usando la ecuación de Poisson

    3. El método de las características aleatorias (ver también las notas de 'Ecuaciones estocásticas y fluidos')

    4. Ecuaciones estocásticas y fluidos (ver también las notas de 'El método de las características aleatorias')

The photo of the clouds with the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability above was made by GRAHAMUK. GRAHAMUK put it under the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2.