Ángel D. Martínez

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Office 412
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e-mail: amartinez AT ias.edu

About me

I was born in Albacete (Spain, 1988) and licentiated in Mathematics by the Universitat de Valencia dels Estudis Generals (UVEG, 2006-2011). In that period I benefited from several scholarships that allowed me to complement my studies in Rutgers (the State University of New Jersey), the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and the Universitat de Barcelona (UB). In the summers of 2009 and 2010 I also benefited from JAE-intro scholarship and school under the supervision of Juan J. L. Velázquez and Javier Parcet, respectively. Afterwards I received a scholarship from Fundación 'la Caixa' to complete a Master's degree in mathematics (UB, 2011-2012). My master thesis 'An approach to Galois representations' was written under the supervision of L. Dieulefait. From January 2013 I enjoy an FPI-program grant in the research program 'Harmonic analysis applications in Number Theory and Mathematical Physics'. From January to May 2016 I visited Charles L. Fefferman at Princeton University under the Estancias Breves program. My thesis advisor is Antonio Córdoba Barba. I will enjoy a membership at the Institute for Advanced Studies for the following two years (2018-2020).

My mathematical interests are quite wide including a number of topics. I am mainly interested in harmonic analysis and partial differential equations. Among my non mathematical hobbies I might mention playing guitar, poetry or cooking.


Here you can find titles and links to both ArXiv and published versions of my recent work:

Mathematical interests

My mathematical interests include analysis (either classical or over riemannian manifolds), (analytical) number theory and mathematical physics. As a consequence I am partly interested in Fourier analysis, special functions, the theory of moments of bounded variation functions, potential theory, ordinary or partial differential equations. To-date my research has taken advantage of comparison theorems and the Hopf's lemma in an essential way. This did not prevent me from eventual unfruitful excursions to other areas.


For some time I collaborated with Matgazine as Editor and reviewer in the so-called Library section. All the articles are written in spanish though.


These are past, current or prospective courses I have taught: