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Luis Calvo




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Biographical Review

I was born in Salamanca (Spain) in 1988. I did my undergraduate studies in Mathematics at the University of Salamanca (USAL) during the period (2006-2011). In 2011, I obtained a one year universitary collaboration grant from the Education and Science Ministry of Spain (MEC) and a six week research grant at the Universitary Institute of fundamental Physics and Maths of Salamanca (IUFFyM) In both grants, the research was about Differential Geometry and Lie Groups under the supervision of Carlos Tejero (USAL).

In 2012, I obtained a four years grant from MEC and since then, I am a member of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (ICMAT) in Madrid (Spain), where I am doing my Ph. D under the supervision of Oscar García Prada During this last period, as part of my training, I had got the master degree in Mathematics from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain (September of 2012), I had a two months stay in the Mc Gill University in Montreal, Canada (June, July of 2013) under the supervision of Jacques Hurtubise and I have been engaged in a range of mathematical activities such as: teaching (UAM), participation in seminaries, attendance to congress, workshops, retreats...

My research interests are real bundles and its extension to pairs. The notion of real bundles is due to M. Atiyah (K-theory and Reality) and without going into greater details, a real bundle is a complex bundle, that satisfies a compatibility relation over a Klein surface, where a Klein surface is a Riemann surface with a global antiholomorphic involution. My master thesis was about Klein surfaces and real bundles and nowadays I try to extend the theory in a higher degree of generality for pairs.