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Juan José Madrigal




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Biographical Review

I was born in Ciudad Real (Spain) in 1991, and moved to Madrid in 2009 for my studies in Mathematics. In 2013 I ended the UCM (University Complutense of Madrid) Degree in Mathematics and one year later the Master in Advanced Mathematics in the same university. During those years I have carried out several research works, among them one concerning Ricci Flow (Scholarship JAE Intro CP, Prof. Luis Guijarro) and other one dealing with the Calabi-Yau Theorem, as warm-up for the PhD (End of Master Thesis, Prof. Vicente Muñoz).

In November 2014 I got the Doctoral Scholarship FPI Severo Ochoa associated to ICMAT. I am currently working on my Doctoral Thesis, which deepens in the study of Spin(7)-structures on 8-manifolds and Instanton Theory, under the supervision of Vicente Muñoz. My research interests include Special Holonomy Manifolds and Mathematical Physics.