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Jared Aurentz

Institution: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Position: Contratado La Caixa Junior Leader

Office: 311        Phone:+34 912999 771

E-mail: jared.aurentz()

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Biographical Review

I was born in 1988 in Minnesota, USA. I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Minnesota in 2010. My PhD was completed in 2014 at Washington State University under the supervision of David S. Watkins. After completing my PhD I held a 2 year postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Oxford under the supervision of Lloyd N. Trefethen.

Currently I am working at the ICMAT as a postdoctoral researcher. My main research interests are in numerical analysis, specifically numerical linear algebra, numerical approximation theory and high performance computing. For me the most interesting problems always involve matrices.