Applied Mathematics Seminar

A Stationary Population Model with an Interior Interface-type Boundary

Speaker:  Pablo Álvarez Caudevilla (UC3M)
Date:  Thursday, 25 May 2023 - 12:00
Place:  Aula Gris 2, ICMAT


We will discuss several models that might be regarded as migration models of populations moving from one part of a domain to the other. Different situations assuming symmetry of movement between both sides of the domain, following a logistic model in their own environment and assuming spatial heterogeneities, are going to be discussed. Through such a common boundary both populations are coupled, acting as a permeable membrane on which their flow moves in and out. We will describe the precise interplay between the stationary solutions with respect to the parameters involved in the problem, in particular the growth rate of the populations and the coupling parameter involved on the boundary where the interchange of flux is taking place.