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JAE School of Mathematics 2019

The JAE School of Mathematics will take place from 10 to 22 June. It will provide a space for interaction between high-level researchers and students who enjoy doing mathematics in an ideal research environment.



Week 1:

  • Pablo Candela (UAM): Combinatoria aditiva, normas de Gowers, y nilespacios
  • Conchita Martinez (Zaragoza): Cohomología de grupos
  • Javier Gomez Serrano (Princeton): Computer-assisted proofs in analysis


Week 2:

  • María Barbero (UPM) & David Martin (ICMAT): Métodos geométricos para robótica
  • José M. Manzano (UCM): Superficies de curvatura media constante
  • Joana Cirici (UB): Topología de las variedades complejas



Registration: TBA.

Certificate of attendance: participants will obtain a certificate of attendance to the School if they have attended at least 2 courses (20 hours). Students who have obtained an “Intro-Severo Ochoa” grant must attend at least 3 courses (30 hours) in order to obtain a certificate.

In addition to attending the School, students may pursue a two-month research project by participating in the Introduction to Research ICMAT-Severo Ochoa programme.


Yago Antolín (ICMAT-UAM)

Mario García (ICMAT-UAM)