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Mathematical journals whose Editorial Boards are chaired by members of the ICMAT:


Journal of Geometric Mechanics

American Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
Editor in Chief: Manuel de León


Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics

European Geosciences Union
Executive Editor: Ana María Mancho


Revista Matemática Complutense

Universidad Complutense de Madrid y Springer
Editor in Chief: José María Arrieta


Mathematical journals with member of the ICMAT in its Editorial Boards:


Advances in Calculus of Variations

Members: José María Martell


Applied Mathematical Modelling

Members: Antonio Gómez Corral


Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research

Members: Antonio Gómez Corral


Extracta Mathematicae

Members: Oscar García-Prada


International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics

Members: Juan Manuel Pérez Pardo


International Journal of Mathematics

Members: Oscar García-Prada


Journal of Geometric Mechanics

Members: Alberto Enciso, Alberto Ibort, Manuel de León, David Martín de Diego, Daniel Peralta, Cristina Sardón


Khayyam Journal of Mathematics

Members: Jesús Munarriz


La Gaceta de la RSME

Members: David Martíon de Diego


Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems

Members: Daniel Peralta


RAIRO-Operations Research

Members: Antonio Gómez Corral


Revista Matemática iberoamericana

Members: Francisco Presas Mata, Fernando Chamizo


The European Physical Journal Plus, Springer

Members: Piergiulio Tempesta



Members: Antonio Gómez Corral