Seminario EDPs y Mecánica de Fluidos

Unidirectional flocks in Collective Dynamics

Ponente:  Daniel Lear (Universidad de Cantabria)
Fecha:  jueves 25 de mayo de 2023 - 11:30
Lugar:  Aula Gris 3, ICMAT


In this talk we will focus on the so-called Cucker-Smale model, which encode one of the simplest communication protocols that lead to emergence of two fundamental phenomena of collective action: alignment and flocking. Such systems arise in a variety of applications including biological, social and technological contexts. Kinetic and hydrodynamic models will be presented and the problems of global well-possendess, long time behavior, and stability of flocks on the macroscopic level will be addressed. Finally, we discuss unidirectional flocks, which have been recently introduced and used to obtain some results in higher dimensions.