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INTERCITY SEMINAR ON ARAKELOV GEOMETRY -- Northcott numbers and applications

Ponente:  Fabien Pazuki (University of Copenhaguen)
Fecha:  miércoles 14 de septiembre de 2022 - 11:45 - 12:45
Lugar:  Aula Gris 2, ICMAT


A set of algebraic numbers with bounded degree and bounded height is a finite set, by Northcott’s theorem. The set of roots of unity is of height zero, but is infinite. What about other sets of algebraic numbers? When is a set of bounded height still infinite? A way to approach this question is through the Northcott number of these sets. We will study some of their properties, discuss links to Julia Robinson’s work on undecidability, and explain other applications towards height controls in Bertini statements. The talk is based on joint work with Technau and Widmer.