Seminario Q-Math

General Squashing Model for Quantum Key Distribution

Ponente:  Nicky Li (Universität Innsbruck)
Fecha:  jueves 07 de julio de 2022 - 12:00
Lugar:  Room 2.2.D08, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Online: (The online session will be active only on demand. Please contact the organisers if you want to attend online)


We study a mathematical problem that is important in proving security of many quantum key distribution (QKD) protocols. The aim is to construct a completely positive and unital map that is not entanglement breaking and maps a finite set of finite-dimensional positive operators, \(\{F_k\}_k\) to a finite set of infinite-dimensional positive operators, \(\{G_k\}_k\), which satisfy \(\sum_k F_k = \mathbb{I}\) and \(\sum_k G_k = \mathbb{I}_\infty\). A few successful examples with special restrictions on the set \(\{F_k\}_k\) will be presented.