Seminario Q-Math

The space of the spaces (or how to talk about the multiverse in a seminar of mathematics)

Ponente:  Salvador Robles (UC3M)
Fecha:  martes 26 de abril de 2022 - 13:00
Lugar:  Room 2.2.D08, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid


The evolution of the universe can be seen as the time evolution of the spatial sections of the spacetime, geometrically represented by a 3-dimensional metric with 6 independent components. From that point of view, the evolution is represented by a trajectory in a 6-dimensional space that turns out to be locally isometric to a 5+1 dimensional Robertson-Walker space (spatially homogeneous and isotropic). It allows us to draw a formal analogy between quantum cosmology and the quantum field theories developed in the spacetime. One of the most interesting consequences could be the creation of the universes in universe-antiuniverse pairs that might hopefully explain the matter-antimatter asymmetry observed in our universe. However, this analogy also presents difficulties that are currently under an active investigation. In this talk, I shall present the basics of the formalism and some of the main problems.