Seminario Teoría de Grupos

Shortcut graphs and groups

Ponente:  Nima Hoda (ENS-Paris)
Fecha:  jueves 14 de octubre de 2021 - 10:30
Lugar:  Aula Naranja (ICMAT) & online -


Shortcut graphs are graphs in which long enough cycles cannot embed without metric distortion. Shortcut groups are groups which act properly and cocompactly on shortcut graphs. These notions unify a surprisingly broad family of graphs and groups of interest in geometric group theory and metric graph theory including: systolic and quadric groups (in particular finitely presented C(6) and C(4)-T(4) small cancellation groups), cocompactly cubulated groups, hyperbolic groups, Coxeter groups and the Baumslag-Solitar group BS(1,2). Most of these examples satisfy a strong form of the shortcut property. I will discuss some of these examples as well as some general constructions and properties of shortcut graphs and groups.