Seminario EDPs y Mecánica de Fluidos

Desingularization of vortices for the generalized SQG equations

Ponente:  Antonio J. Fernández (ICMAT)
Fecha:  martes 05 de octubre de 2021 - 11:30
Lugar:  Aula Naranja (ICMAT)


We consider the generalized inviscid surface-quasigeostrophic equations (gSQG). We analyse the existence of a smooth solution to the (gSQG) which is concentrated around N moving vortices. The result we discuss could be understood as the extension to the case of the (gSQG) of the seminal result of C. Marchioro and M. Pulvirenti concerning the bi-dimensional incompressible Euler equations. However, the information about the dynamic behaviour and the shape of the constructed solution that we obtain is much more precise. The talk is based on a joint work with Manuel del Pino.