Seminario Análisis y EDPs

Solutions of the Euler equation with concentrated vorticity

Ponente:  Juan Dávila (U. of Bath)
Fecha:  miércoles 27 de enero de 2021 - 15:30
Lugar:  Online - Info:

I will discuss solutions to the incompressible Euler equation in two dimensions with vorticity close to a finite sum of Dirac deltas (vortices). The motion of the vortices was known formally for a long time and proved rigorously by Marchioro-Pulvirenti. In collaboration with Manuel del Pino (U. Bath), Monica Musso (U. Bath) and Juncheng Wei (UBC) we have a different point of view, which allows a very precise description of the solution near the vortices. Our construction can be generalized to other situations, such as the construction of leapfrogging vortex rings of the 3D incompressible Euler equations.