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IAN AGOL LABORATORY: Study Seminar on Sylvester rank functions and L2-Betti numbers

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Fecha:  viernes 21 de enero de 2022 - 10:30
Lugar:  Aula Gris 2 (ICMAT)


Sylvester rank functions are numerical invariants of matrices over an associative ring. They appear naturally in several fields of Mathematics including Group Theory, Operator Algebras, Ring Theory, Topology, and Non-commutative Geometry. They were introduced first by Malcolmson and studied further by Schofield.

The seminar is intended to be an introduction to the topic of the Sylvester rank functions with the aim of understanding the L2-Betti numbers from an algebraic point of view. We plan also to consider several related topics: mod-p L2 -Betti numbers, division R -rings and other applications.

The seminar is suitable for master and doctoral students interested in Group Theory, Ring Theory, Topology or Operator Algebras. All participants are invited to give a talk.

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