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Eric Latorre Crespo

Institution: CSIC

Position: Contratado ERC

Office: 308

Phone: +34 912999 768


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Biographical Review

I was born in 1990 in Barcelona, Spain. I combined my undergraduate studies in Mathematics, at Universitat de Barcelona (UB), with a passion for music – area in which I worked extensively composing and recording soundtracks for a wide variety of projects. On my last year of undergraduate I finally decided to focus on my mathematical career and obtained a degree from the UB in 2012.

I was selected to enter the MSc program at University of Bristol, UK (2012-2013). This course featured an extensive master's thesis: “Theory of Beurling-Selberg Extremal Functions and Applications” supervised by Dr. Alan K. Haynes and includes some original work in the field of separated nets.

In October 2013 I moved to the ICMAT in Madrid, Spain. I now enjoy a Severo Ochoa FPI grant in order to complete my PhD studies under the supervision of Prof. Antonio Córdoba Barba on the problems in the interface of Harmonic Analysis, Number Theory and Mathematical Physics.