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David Ríos Insua

Institution: CSIC

Position: Contratado Cátedra AXA

Phone: +34 912999 743


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Biographical Review

David Rios is AXA-ICMAT Chair in Adversarial Risk Analysis and Member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences.

He has formerly held teaching and research positions at SAMSI, Duke, Purdue, Paris-Dauphine, Leeds, Manchester, IIASA, CNR-IMATI and Madrid Technical University. He is Professor of Statistics and Operations Research at Rey Juan Carlos University (on leave).

He has written 13 books, edited 7 special issues and published more than 100 refereed papers in his areas of interest, which include decision analysis, risk analysis, negotiation analysis and Bayesian statistics, and their applications to robotics, aviation safety, critical infrastrtucture protection and wáter resources maangement, among others.

He has been PI of over 50 sponsored projects and supervised 17 PhD theses. Has received research awards from INFORMS, IFORS, IIASA, SRA, Wirsbo, the Everis Foundation and SEIO, among others.

He is scientific advisor of Aisoy Robotics.

Twitter: @davidrinsua

Research interests: Risk Analysis, Decision Analysis, Security, Aviation Safety, Robotics.