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Diego gonzález Sánchez

Institution: UAM

Position: Becario La Caixa

Office: 308

Phone: +34 912999 768


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Biographical Review

I was born in Madrid in 1991, and I studied at the Autonomous University of Madrid my Bsc in Computer Science and my Bsc in Mathematics. I spent one year in Demark as an Erasmus student as part of my Computer Science degree at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Then, I did my bachelor thesis on the Riemann Zeta Function under the supervision of Fernando Chamizo supported with a JAE-intro scholarship.

In 2015 I moved to Cambridge to study the Master of Pure Mathematics (Part III) supported with a Mutua Madrileña Scholarship. I wrote my essay about the Green-Tao theorem on primes in arithmetic progressions under the supervision of Adam Harper.

In October 2016 I came back to Madrid to do my PhD in Number Theory with Pablo Candela. During this period, I will be funded by a Severo Ochoa-La Caixa grant. My research interests are Analytic Number Theory and Combinatorics.