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Cristina Sardón

Institution: CSIC

Position: Contratado ERC

Phone: +34 912999 794


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Biographical Review

Cristina Sardón is a post doctoral student who recently defended her (international mention) doctoral thesis in our Department of Fundamental Physics in the University of Salamanca. Her research is rigorously mathematically well-founded. Her interests are focused on the geometric/algebraic interpretation of nonlinear phenomena and the integrability of differential equations appearing in Physics. In particular, the treatment of evolutionary waves in the realm of Fluid Dynamics, Optics, Solid State, among other scientific disciplines.

Her expertise in these fields has been achieved by supervision of P.G. Estévez, Full Professor of Theoretical Physics of this department and J. de Lucas, associate professor of the University of Warsaw, Poland, who has been her co-adviser. Her international doctorate mention has been awarded due to her multiple research stays abroad at the University of Warsaw in Poland with J. de Lucas or the University of Roma Tre in Rome, Italy.

She is part of the Geometry, Mechanics and Control network of which she is an active member through multiple seminars and editorial duties. Also, she has completed teaching tasks by teaching introductory courses of Differential Equations and Mechanics to undergraduates in their second year of their Grade in Physics at the University of Salamanca.

Currently, she is looking for a post doctoral position and opening new fields of research in the realm of discrete differential equations.