Young workshop important dates:

Early registration: December 2010
Finantial support : Soon
Registration deadline: Soon
Workshop:  20-24 June














Last Modification: 22/11/2010

Young Workshop in Arithmetics and Combinatorics

The Young Workshop in Arithmetics and Combinatorics will take place in the spectacular city of Madrid between the 20th and the 24th of June. 

The Workshop  aims to gather young active researchers on the study of qualitative properties of large combinatorial and arithmetic structures.

There will be two main streams, one connected to arithmetic problems and the other to probabilistic analysis of large combinatorial structures. It is one of the objectives of the meeting to mix the two communities.

The format of the Workshop consists of a series of extended talks on selected recent breakthroughs,
and a  series of expository talks on recent work by participants of the Workshop. There will be time
for discussion and sessions of open problems.

A number of grants covering accomodation and meals are available for participation. The number of participants is limited.  Registration opens in mid-December 2010. Several grants will be offered to participants, giving priority to European young researchers.

Extended talks

Boris Bukh (Cambridge University)
Éric Fusy (École Polytechnique)
Harald Helfgott (École Normal Supérieure , University of Bristol )
Dan Král (Charles University)
Tom Sanders (Cambridge University)