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Instructions to submit their contributions to be considered for publication in a PAGEOPH topical issue (Pure and Applied Geophysics)

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On the ocassion of the MPE 2013, the ICMAT, CSIC, the UAM ,the UCM and the UPM want to highlight the decisive role Mathematics plays in the study of local as well as global issues in Earth Sciences.The following topics will be addressed:

  • Climatology and Paleoclimatology
  • Oceanography
  • Geomagnetic field
  • The Earth's rotation
  • Remote sensing
  • Natural hazards
  • Structure and Geodynamics
  • Renewable Energies
  • Social and environmental aspects

These topics will be addressed in a global perspective on the Earth as well as in a local point of view on Earth Science

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 Organizing Committee:

J.I. Díaz
F.J. Elorza
J. Fernández
M. de León
R. Orive
M.L. Osete