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Dear researcher,

Thanks for your contribution to the past congress Mathematics and Geosciences. Global and Local perspectives (4-8 November, ICMAT, Madrid, 2013).

All participants in MathGeo meeting are invited to submit their contributions to be considered for publication in a PAGEOPH topical issue (Pure and Applied Geophysics).

Please, note that expected contributions are not proceedings of the workshop. Only original studies or reviews will be considered for publication. The manuscripts will have the common external Pageoph review process. Solicited papers will be also considered.

  • If you wish to contribute to the topical volume, we would appreciate if you could send to the guest editors a preliminary title and author list before November 30, 2013.
  • The limitation in length for manuscripts is about 30-40 double-spaced pages (each figure and table counts as one page). Color figures are accepted, but the cost must be covered by the authors. Apart from this, there are no charges. Instructions on the manuscripts submission, which should be submitted by February 28, 2014, will be given by e-mail.

You can find more details - in particular instructions for authors - on the web page of PAGEOPH

Sincerely yours,

Guest Editors

Maria Charco
Jesús Ildefonso Díaz
José Fernández Torres
Rafael Orive
María Luisa Osete


Note: Some of you have also received invitations from other journals. Please, do not be confused, the special volume we are organizing is in Pure and Applied Geophysics.

 Organizing Committee:

J.I. Díaz
F.J. Elorza
J. Fernández
M. de León
R. Orive
M.L. Osete