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The conference will be held at La Cristalera, in the village of Miraflores de la Sierra. It is located north of the Community of Madrid, on the southern slopes of the Sierra de Guadarrama, one of the most beautiful surroundings of Madrid.

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Lunch and diner will be served at La Cristalera for all participants from Monday to Friday lunch

To arrive at Miraflores from Madrid by public transport you have to take the bus 725 from Plaza Castilla. There are buses every hour.

Participants will be accomodated in two different places. We will send you an email indicating where you are lodged. Be carefull about going directly to your place when you arrive on Sunday.

If you are lodged at Hotel La Muñequilla, (address: Paseo de los Álamos, 6), it's 450 meters from the bus station and you can easily walk there. Going on foot to the conference center takes about half an hour. If you have any problem in walking there everyday you can ask us to pick you up.

If you are lodged at La Cristalera, (address: M-611, km. 10), it's about 2 km from the bus station. We encourage you to take a taxi when you arrive. It costs 7 euro for up to 4 people.

Getting to Miraflores from Madrid by bus:

Once you have reached Intercambiador de Plaza de Castilla (next to the metro station Plaza de Castilla), search bus number 725 (Madrid - Pza Castilla to Miraflores de la Sierra, Bustarviejo) in Island 4. Dock 28, 3rd floor.
Here you find a timetable of the bus 725 (top part from Monday to Friday and bottom part for Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays indicated in Spanish as "Lunes a Viernes Laborables" and "Sabados Laborables, Domingos y Festivos" respectively).

The trip to Miraflores de la Sierra takes approximately 60 minutes and departure is aprox. each 30 min from 6.45 a.m. till 23.15 p.m. Your stop is the next after "Soto del Real".

Arrival by plane:

You can reach Miraflores by taxi from the airport but this is an expensive choice (minimum 90.00 Euro, but please ask before for a price).

You can also take a taxi from the Airport to Intercambiador de Plaza Castilla (approximate fare: 45.00 Euro) and then take a bus to Miraflores. Taxi from Pza. Castilla to Miraflores costs minimum 60.00 Euro.

A good choice is taking the metro from Airport to Plaza Castilla and then a bus to Miraflores.
At the airport, take Metro (underground), Line 8 (pink) to "Colombia" (3 stations). Transfer in Colombia to line 9 (purple) to "Plaza de Castilla" (3 stations). It should take about 25 minutes. You can ask for a map of Metro for free at the airport.

Driving from Madrid:

GPS Location: 40 ° 49 '14 "N 3 ° 47' 1" O

Take the M-30 or M-40 northbound. Once in the M-30, take Exit 30 - Colmenar Viejo, and we will join the M-607. If instead we chose the M-40 also we will find an exit to the M-607 - Colmenar Viejo. We left the M-607 (end of motorway) and we will join the M-609. At the junction, turn right, and specifically is indicated Miraflores de la Sierra. We left the M-609 and we joined the M-862, then take the M-608, then we will add to the M-611 to get to Miraflores. We follow the M-611 towards Puerto de la Morcuera and Rascafría and at km. 10 is the Cristalera

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Graduate School: New aspects on Singularity Theory

 Scientific Committee

Luis Narváez (Chairman)
Félix Delgado
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Javier F. de Bobadilla
Pedro D. González
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