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STAMP is an ICMAT initiative to establish a program to complement and broaden ICMAT renowned strengths. STAMP trains doctoral students, includes the running of minicourses and seminars, and hosts an active visitor program. The focus of the program is on the research topics in which Professor Alvaro Pelayo has made contributions: these topics fall within mathematical physics and spectral theory. Pelayo is, a member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and Washington University, and an honorary member of CSIC via the Doctores Vinculados.

M. de León and A. Pelayo are executive directors of this program. The program was approved by the ICMAT Executive Committee on March 2013 and will continue to run at least until December 2015. The program is generously funded by a Severo Ochoa Grant with approximetaly 61,000 EUR for scientific activities and two full scholarships (FPI) for Doctoral Students.


The goal is to expand and strengethen the long standing tradition of ICMAT researchers in Geometric Mechanics by the development of an on-site research program of international caliber on topics in which Pelayo is a specialist. This includes:

  • One-month yearly visits of Pelayo to ICMAT during which he will deliver minicourses on topics of current research interest
  • An active generously funded visitor program for leading figures to visit ICMAT to deliver seminars, courses, or simply collaborate
  • Training of two graduate students who will be supported by full scholarships. Doctoral thesis will be supervised or co-supervised by Alvaro Pelayo
  • The establishment of a weekly seminar


  • Inverse Spectral Theory; Geometric Quantization; Pseudodifferential and Berezin-Toeplitz Operators
  • Symplectic Dynamics; Construction of Symplectic Invariants; Symplectic Capacities in Geometry, Analysis, and Fluid Mechanics
  • Integrable Systems; KAM Theory
  • Geometric Mechanics; Applications of Geometric Mechanics to Engineering and Numerical Analysis
  • Stochastic area-preserving Dynamics; Stochastic Symplectic Geometry

 Executive Committee:

Manuel de León
(ICMAT, Spain)
Álvaro Pelayo
(IAS Princeton and Washington University, USA)

  Scientific Committee:

Nalini Anantharaman
(Université Paris-Sud, France)
Manuel de Leon
(ICMAT, Spain)
Álvaro Pelayo
(IAS Princeton and Washington University, USA)
Leonid Polterovich
(Tel Aviv University, Israel)
Fraydoun Rezakhanlou
(University of California Berkeley, USA)
Thomas Spencer
(IAS Princeton, USA)

  Administrative Staff:

Eduardo de Córdoba
(ICMAT Webmaster)
Esther Fuentes
(ICMAT Administrative Support)

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