New trends in generalized geometry and Poisson geometry

ICMAT, Madrid

12-15 November, 2014

Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas
C/ Nicolás Cabrera, 13-15
  Campus Cantoblanco - UAM
  28049 Madrid, Spain
  Telephone: +34 91 2999700


This workshop will concentrate on new developments in the areas of generalized geometry and Poisson geometry, with a special focus on the interactions with theoretical physics. The workshop is organized as part of the Nigel Hitchin Laboratory at the Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas, Madrid (Spain).

The workshop will take place at the Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas. Talks will start on the afternoon of Wednesday 12th of November and will end by lunch time on Saturday 15th of November.




  • Michael Bailey (University of Utrech, The Netherlands)
  • Henrique Bursztyn (IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)
  • Gil Cavalcanti (University of Utrech, The Netherlands)
  • Xenia de la Ossa (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Marco Gualtieri (University of Toronto, Canada)
  • David Iglesias Ponte (La Laguna, Spain)
  • Ioan Marcut (Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Nederlands)
  • Brent Pym (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Roberto Rubio (IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)
  • Charles Strickland-Constable (University of Hamburg, Germany)
  • Marco Zambon (KU Leuven, Belgium)


Registration: please, send an email to (deadline 31st October).


Poster of Workshop, click here to download.


 Organized by:

Nigel Hitchin
(Oxford), chair
Mario Garcia-Fernandez
Oscar García-Prada


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