ICMAT Newsletter – Tenth Number

Along with the news, agenda and editorial sections, the #10 newsletter includes one report, two interviews, the sections ‘Scientific reports’, ‘Personalities’ and ICMAT-Questionnaire.

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Table of contents:

  1. Editorial: "Researching today will help safe guard tomorrow”.
  2. Interview: James Simons (Simons Foundation).
  3. Report: “Laying Siege to Uncertainty”.
  4. Interview: Eva Cehn (University of Pennsylvania and the University of Berkeley, California.
  5. ICMAT-Questionnaire of Sergei Kuksin (Université de Paris 7, París-Diderot).
  6. Scientific Review: Yang-Mills Theory and Jumping Curves.
  7. Profile of Roger Casals, Severo Ochoa postdoc researcher at ICMAT.