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Carlos Pastor Alcoceba




Phone: +34 912999


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Biographical Review

Carlos Pastor Alcoceba is a predoctoral student within the 'la Caixa'-Severo Ochoa international PhD program, working in analytic number theory under the supervision of F. Chamizo.

Born in Alicante, he licenciated in Mathematics by the University of Valencia in 2012, coursing some of the years in the universities of Alicante and Zaragoza. In 2013 he obtained a master degree by the University of Barcelona, with the financial aid of Fundación 'la Caixa' program “Másteres en España”. His master's thesis “An approach to the study of Modular Form congruences” was supervised by À. Arenas.
From 2013 to 2017 he has enjoyed a 'la Caixa'-Severo Ochoa scholarship at ICMAT.

His interests are wide, including classical modular forms and lattice counting problems within analytic number theory, computer science, machine learning, molecular biology and neuroscience.