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Antonio Pérez

Institution: CSIC

Position: Contratado SO

Office: 301

Phone: +34 912999 761


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Biographical Review

Born in 1989, I finished my undergraduate studies in Mathematics at the Universidad de Murcia in 2012, followed by a Master in Mathematics in 2013. In Autumn 2013, I carried out a research stay at the University of Oldenburg under the supervision of Andreas Defant and with the support of a DAAD fellowship. I completed my PhD in 2017 back at the University of Murcia under the co-supervision of Bernardo Cascales and Volodymyr Kadets and with the support of a fellowship from La Caixa Foundation.

The work I developed throughout this period concerns the study of geometrical and topological aspects of Banach spaces, and functional analysis applied to Dirichlet series and Boolean functions.

Since January 2018, I hold a postdoctoral position at the ICMAT studying problems concerning spectral gaps in interacting quantum systems and quantum cryptography.