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Alberto Redondo

Institution: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

Position: PTA

Office: S2        Phone:+34 912999 780

E-mail: alberto.redondo()

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Biographical Review

Alberto Redondo has Personal Technical Stuff (PTA) position from the Spanish Ministry of Education at ICMAT-CSIC and is member of the technical committee on Emerging Networks and Systems Intelligence.

He is Software Engineer, Master in Decision Systems Engineering and Master in Information Systems Engineering by Rey Juan Carlos University with experience in Adversarial Risk Analysis, Machine Learning algorithms, Decision Making, and Software development. He has been working on designing learning algorithms adapted to different personality traits and study techniques of students. He has worked at SecureNOK, Norway, designing and developing algorithms to detect Advanced Persistent Threats in Industrial Systems. He has also received best paper award with the work “Detection of Advanced Persistent Threats Using System and Attack Intelligence” and he was teaching assistant in the course Basic Statistics and Probability in Autonomous University of Madrid.

Currently, he is PhD candidate at Autonomous University of Madrid supervised by David Ríos Insua focus on Malware Detection applying Adversarial Machine Learning algorithms and is member of the SPOR team.

Twitter: @ARH3agl3