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Jorge López

Institution: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

Position: Ramón y Cajal.

               Maître de Conférences Université Paris 7 (détachement).

Office: 301        Phone:+34 912999 761

E-mail: abad()

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Biographical Review

My fields of research are combinatorics, functional analysis and set theory. I work in applications of Ramsey theory and infinite combinatorics to the study of the geometry of Banach spaces, producing new examples of spaces and also giving structural results. More concretely, I am interested in several weak notions of unconditionality for a basic sequence, in the role of compact families of finite sets in Banach spaces, or in the Banach-Saks property of a set.

Recently, I have been working in the existence of unconditional basic sequences in a Banach space. We have partially solved the separable quotient problem for spaces of large density.

I have coauthored more than 20 papers, including articles in Advances in Mathematics, Mathematische Annalen and Journal of Functional Analysis.

Research Interest


  • Ramsey Theory:
    • Structural Ramsey Theory.
    • Applications.
  • Geometry of Banach spaces:
    • Unconditional basic sequences.
    • Few operators.
    • Separable Quotient Problem.
    • Generic Banach spaces. 
  • Combinatorial Set Theory and its applications



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