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School on the Geometry and Physics of Moduli Spaces

Miraflores de la Sierra (Madrid, Spain), 19-23 May 2014

Workshop on the Geometry and Physics of Moduli Spaces

Miraflores de la Sierra (Madrid, Spain), 16-20 June 2014

Joint miniworkshop on Moduli Spaces

ICMAT-UCM 10-11 June 2014

This programme is devoted to the theory of moduli spaces and their relationship to mathematical physics. Moduli spaces are important because they are basic and central objects that emerge in the most natural classification problems in geometry. This importance has been emphasized over the years due to the relation of these spaces with areas of mathematics as diverse as algebraic geometry, differential geometry, topology and algebra, as well as theoretical physics. The main goals of this programme are to bring together experts in various aspects on the theory of moduli spaces and related areas, to advance these topics and to introduce research students and postdoctoral researchers to the wealth of ideas and problems in them. The links with the above areas of mathematics and physics are crucial to the development of the theory and a major goal is to develop these links further. The programme will include a school, a workshop and a regular seminar.

The activities at the ICMAT will be continued in the programme on the Geometry, Topology and Physics of Moduli Spaces of Higgs Bundles (7 Jul - 29 Aug 2014) at the Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Singapore. The programme at ICMAT will also tie in with the Nigel Hitchin Laboratory, whose main goal is to foster interaction and collaboration between Professor Hitchin and his group at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Oxford, and the geometry group at ICMAT. This collaboration will concentrate on various interfaces between geometry and physics, including Higgs bundles, generalised complex geometry and Poisson geometry.



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