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Recent years have seen many advances in analysis and geometry where first order differential calculus and geometric measure theory have been extended from the classical Euclidean or Riemannian settings to the realm of spaces without a priori smooth structure, and in a parallel direction weak notions of curvature have been proposed and studied in metric spaces without Riemannian structure. Besides the pure mathematical importance of these problems, the number of interesting applications is large, including image reconstruction theory, control theory and robotics.

We are organizing a series of activities at ICMAT which will bring together a number of first rank specialists in several research lines in this growing trend, and which will contribute to create synergies among those lines, as well as to guide people interested in these new realizations through a relatively young but vast forest of results and techniques.

The activities we are organizing are four introductory courses to this subject, a series of seminars and one large workshop. The courses will take place in May 2015, so that non-specialists interested in learning something about this new field will be more prepared to face the subsequent workshop, which in turn will serve as a platform to launch a number of specialized seminars in June. There will also be a few seminars (of a less specialized character) in April.
The organization will offer a number of grants for young researchers covering accomodation for 6 weeks, including the introductory courses and the workshop.



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