Welcome to the website of the special year in New Trends in Harmonic Analysis at ICMAT!!

Modern harmonic analysis is a very active field of research that places itself in a fundamental position within the mathematical sciences. Harmonic analysis has many different branches and turns out to be fundamental in the understanding of several problems in the fields of partial differential equations, functional analysis, operator algebra, differential geometry and probability.

Throughout the academic year 2012/2013 we will be hosting several activities. The main events will be two intensive research terms: "Real Harmonic Analysis and Applications to PDEs" and "Operator Algebra Methods in Harmonic Analysis and Quantum Information". Other activities will include workshops, schools and introductory courses covering a wide variety of topics related to modern harmonic analysis. Emphasis will be made on connections with PDE's, geometric measure theory, noncommutative harmonic analysis, classical and abstract Calderón-Zygmund theory, quantum probability and operator space theory, among others.

A fundamental goal of this research program is to bring together and to encourage interaction between researchers in all these fields, from the most prestigious experts to postdocs and graduate students. This will bring to the ICMAT the state of the art of this area of mathematics including new techniques and recent developments. We expect to attract the leading Spanish groups in the subject and support international connections with other universities around the world. The members of ICMAT are glad to provide this opportunity for further development of harmonic analysis and related topics.

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