Welcome to the web page of the "Research Term on Operator Algebra Methods in Harmonic Analysis and Quantum Information", one of the main activities of the special year "New Trends in Harmonic Analysis" at ICMAT.

Quantum mechanics dramatically changed the laws of physics. The attempt to provide a rigorous mathematical foundation of Heisenberg's matrix mechanics rapidly attracted the attention of leading mathematicians. John von Neumann was the first to notice that classical/relativistic notions of measure and geometry did not reflect anymore all our knowledge of the physical world. This led him to propose a "quantization of mathematics" which had a deep transformative effect on mathematics as a discipline. We can now find noncommutative forms of classical theories which allows the basic objects to obey nonclassical commutation relations. Noncommutative geometry and topology, quantum probability or noncommutative measure theory illustrate it. More recent examples are topics such as quantum groups, operator spaces and noncommutative Lp spaces. The bimester will be focused on implementing the quantum mechanical perspective in the context of harmonic analysis and information theory.

The main purpose is to bring together researchers in these fields, from the more prestigious experts to young researchers as post-docs and graduate students.

The structure of the Research Term is divided into two Intensive Research Months:

      Operator Algebra & Harmonic Analysis (May 20 - June 14)

      Operator Algebra & Quantum Information (June 14 - July 12)

Click in the links above for more details on the structure of each of these intensive months.

We expect to host around 60 speakers during the whole Research Term. A limited number of grants will be given to PhD students wishing to participate in the Research Term to partially cover some of the local expenses.

We hope that you will find in these pages all the information that you need as a potential participant, and we look forward to seeing you in Madrid.

The Organizing Committee


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