Quantum information theory is a very exciting field which has rapidly advanced over the past ten years. Beyond its potential applications in many important areas like computing or cryptography, a very interesting feature of QIT is that it collects researchers from many different areas like mathematics, physics and computer science. The goal of this Intensive Month is to bring together international experts in different areas of quantum information theory to promote interaction and exchange of ideas.

The structure of this month will be divided into 4 thematic weeks:

1. Banach space tools in quantum information (17th June- 22nd June).

2. Quantum channels (24th June- 29th June).

3. Quantum foundations and quantum cryptography (1st July- 6th July).

4. Non-local games and Bell inequalities (8th July- 13th July).

Each of these weeks will be structured in the following way: There will be five invited speakers who will give a one hour plenary talk in the morning (see Program for details). On the other hand, the non-invited participants are encouraged to apply for delivering a talk (see Registration). However, since the aim of this event is to have plenty of time for discussion, there will not be more than two 30' talks each afternoon. This may imply that just some talks are accepted to be delivered.

There will be a small number of grants for the Intensive Month (mainly intended for graduate students or young postdocs) to cover accommodation and some per diem between 7 and 10 days (see Registration for details).

We hope to see you in Madrid soon! 

The Organizing Committee



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