In recent years, operator algebra methods have become a crucial tool in noncommutative harmonic analysis. Operator space theory, quantum probability or the theory of noncommutative Lp spaces provide both the language and the techniques to formulate and establish noncommutative forms of classical results from harmonic analysis in the context of more general von Neumann algebras. The goal of this Intensive Month is to bring together international experts in these areas to promote interaction and exchange of ideas.

The structure of this month will be divided into:

Mini-courses and Plenary Lectures. We will divide the first three weeks into two thematic parts around group actions in von Neumann algebras and related topics on one hand, and recent results on noncommutative harmonic analysis on the other.

Workshop: Operator Spaces, Harmonic Analysis and Quantum Probability. During the last week (June 10-14) we are organizing a Workshop which intends to be a natural continuation of previous ones in recent years at Luminy, Banff or Wuhan on operator spaces, noncommutative Lp spaces and related topics.

You will find more information on this Intensive Month at this website. We hope to see you in Madrid soon!

The Organizing Committee 







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