Welcome to the web page of the "Research Term on Real Harmonic Analysis and Applications to PDE", one of the main activities of the special year "New Trends in Harmonic Analysis at ICMAT".

Modern harmonic analysis is a very active field of research that places itself in a fundamental position within the mathematical sciences. Harmonic analysis has many different branches and turn out to be fundamental in the understanding of several problems in the fields of partial differential equations and geometry. In this trimester we shall be focus on the real counterpart of harmonic analysis as well as the applications to PDE that arise from them. The main purpose is to bring together researchers in these fields, from the more prestigious experts to young researchers as post-docs and graduate students.

The organization of the trimester will be as follows. There will 4 Mini-courses on Modern Harmonic Analysis delivered by the prestigious researchers S. Hofmann, T. Hytönen, A. McIntosh and A. Volberg. These short courses will have some introductory lectures containing the general background of the topic and will conclude with the last developments and challenges in the corresponding areas. These lectures are intended primarily for young graduate and post-graduate students or for mathematicians in other areas who want to become acquainted with the field.

The last week of May we will hold the workshop "Harmonic Analysis, PDEs and Geometry: A joint Workshop of the ANR-Harmonic Analysis at its boundaries and the ICMAT-Severo Ochoa" where 25 speakers will present lectures on their own research topics. We will also run short-talk sessions for other participants wishing to present a contribution.

More than 40 researchers have agreed to participate in the trimester. Each of them will deliver specialized lectures on their topics. A limited number of grants will be given to PhD students wishing to participate in the research term to partially cover some of the local expenses. Special talks delivered by young people will be also scheduled.

We hope that you will find in these pages all the information that you need as a potential participant, and we look forward to seeing you in Madrid.

The Organizing Committee


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